Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation

We’ll be talking about online Ed.D programs without dissertation.

Besides this, we will also talk about 18 months of Ed.D. programs, no dissertation. But before doing justice to our discussion, it allows us to quickly understand what the Ed.D. is all about.

Education Doctorate Degree Online No Dissertation

You must finish a thesis to obtain an Ed.D. certificate online or on campus. However, we have a few academic institutions that offer Ed.D. programs with no dissertation.

Such studies often involve the completion of a capstone project. The idea is to provide an alternative to the lengthy and intensive research-based thesis.

If you want to get an Ed.D. that blends with busy schedules, you will find this text a great read.

Here are some online Ed.D without GRE requirements.

  • About Ed.D. Dissertation

A dissertation is one of the high points of the Ed.D. studies. This is a scholarly document that combines several pieces of findings to address problems around academic practice.

These could include academic achievement, legislative implications, system effectiveness, implications for academics, and much more.

Furthermore, Ed.D. students in most schools can use quantitative and qualitative exploration methods for evaluation and testing.

This is to enable them to develop a meaningful dissertation that can have a positive impact on established methods and theories. Other objectives include contributing new ideas on a specific topic, furthering investigation, and more.

The Ed.D. dissertation often contains five chapters. The first chapter includes the introductory part of your research, followed by a literature review in the second chapter.

The third chapter consists of your search method(s). then Chapter 4 highlights your investigations and evaluation. Chapter 5, which is the last, contains a summary and conclusion of your findings.

Online Ed.D. No Dissertation

As mentioned above, some institutions provide many Ed.D. programs with no dissertation. You may select one of these studies based on your career goals to earn a graduate certificate.

These include leadership and administration in academics, early childhood Edu, leadership in community colleges, and specialized education.

Other coverage includes syllabus, instruction, assessment, reading, literacy, educational technology and e-learning, higher education leaders and management, K-12, etc.

Let’s discuss a few to understand them better.

  • Educational Leadership and Administration

This is an Ed.D. study that trains educators to be good managers and leaders.

Upon graduation, you can ensure that high-quality education is provided in all academic institutions. Moreover, you can also create and maintain a secure and satisfied student body.

You can become a principal, admission director, superintendent, academic dean, and more with a doctorate in this specialty. Workplaces include schools, private and public offices, etc.

  • Early Childhood Education

Children who receive excellent early education make a lifelong difference.

Earning an Ed.D. A degree in early childhood will teach you how to influence children from age one to eight. You can also help youngsters recognize what is right and wrong.

If you get an advanced certificate in this area, like a Master’s and a Ph.D./PsyD, you can train the generation of teacher nests to become professional instructors.

  • Community College Leadership

This specialty area is suitable for those interested in helping college students.

Topics in the curriculum include policy development, budgeting, diversity and valuation methods, university technology, and much more.

After graduation, you can take on leadership roles at a community college or other institutions.

  • Educational Technology

This is another fantastic Ed.D. program you can specialize in.

You will get training in various areas of this concentration field. These include multimedia presentations, digital media, electronic learning, and more.

Other topics to be addressed in your studies include planning, evaluating, and implementing institutional modification. Upon graduation, one can change the face of academics at all levels.

  • Syllabus Instruction and Assessment

Earning an Ed.D. certificate in this field will broaden your knowledge of the theories that shape teaching techniques and syllabus styles and evaluate students’ progress.

With these skills, you can design a suitable program that is achievable for kids and adults.

  • Higher Education Leadership

Do you want to be at the forefront of education?

Then think of getting an Ed.D. degree in this area of specialty. You will be equipped with leadership proficiencies that will allow you to run schools and other academic organizations.

After graduation, you can consider getting a job at a university, community college, primary school, and other higher academic institutions.

Universities that Offer Online Ed.D. No Dissertation

Now that you’re familiar with online Ed.D. that does not have a thesis, you must learn about the universities that offer such studies. This will give you an idea of where to locate your desired program.

Many institutions offer Ed.D. programs with no dissertation. Right below, we’ve highlighted a few of those academic institutions. Neither of them features a traditional thesis for Ed.D. studies online.

These academic institutions are Cornerstone University, Boston College, A.T. Still University, East Tennessee State University, National Louis University, Spalding University, and Liberty University.

Others are New York Universities, Nebraska Methodist College, the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the University of Southern Mississippi, the University of Virginia, etc.

What about 18-Month Ed.D. without Dissertation?

This is an accelerated online Ed.D. program with no dissertation.

You can earn your Ed.D. degree within 18 months. However, students who enroll in such accelerated programs will require the completion of additional studies at the appointed time.

Not only that, but they will also take more classes than students from other programs.

  • Alternative for Dissertation

As noted earlier, some universities that provide the Ed.D. no dissertation offer capstone projects as an alternative to a dissertation.

Intensive research with a more concrete deliverable must be implemented immediately to enhance learning outcomes.

Moreover, the capstone project consists of different components. This includes a new curriculum plan, staff training program, potential policy change, learning software, etc.

A thesis typically takes a long time to finish. It is due to the intensity of the research and other elements. Some students indeed spend an extra year (s) to complete their thesis.

Therefore, some schools have structured their Ed.D. with no dissertation to avoid this delay and additional spending. Students can now get a doctoral certificate simply, quickly, and practically.